Introducing Activate Tech Score

We’re thrilled to be launching our latest demand generation solution, Activate Tech Score. This snackable-shareable quiz is an interactive, buyer-led assessment that enables users to self-identify pain-points, providing them the right content and delivering marketers high-quality prospects.

For tech buyers, these fun quizzes quickly help users assess where they are in their own buying journey, and clarify their own buying priorities. For tech marketers, our scoring algorithm evaluates users on a 50-point scale to align content delivery to buying pain points, and provides insights on why each lead is in the buying funnel.

Activate Tech Score Benefits:

• Perfect for ABM demand gen, Activate can target Tech Score promotions by account list, industry, GEO, for segmented lead delivery.

• Going beyond “Intent”-based programs (which just tell you what topics are of interest), Tech Score tells you why a user is interested in a topic, and how it fits into their buying priorities.

• Interactive content engages tech decision makers around their pain-points, putting them (not a product push) at the center of the buying process.

• All lead data – user score, complete answer set, asset downloaded – is delivered to you enabling maximal intelligence for sales follow up, marketing automation, or internal scoring/routing.

• Plus, we BANT-qualify and tele-verify every lead, meaning only late-funnel, hand-raisers get through – guaranteed.

Check out Activate Tech Score – engaged buyers, better leads.

Click here to request a copy of our case study on how RingCentral utilized Activate’s Tech Score to create greater conversion.

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Edward Grossman

Edward Grossman is Co-founder and CEO of Activate. Ed’s background includes media, digital and editorial experience. Most recently Ed was the President of Business Technology Media at UBM Tech, where he was responsible for market-leading content brands such as InformationWeek. Ed has held positions at Ziff Davis, ZDNet,, Jupiterimages and The ACM.