Introducing Activate Waterfall: How To Fill Your Funnel With Quality Names

The typical demand marketing organization is adept at running campaigns that deliver one type of prospect – typically top- or bottom-funnel – to their sales partners. While that’s been a viable model for the last several years, a high volume of names in a single funnel stage no longer meets the requirements of most sales organizations.

Today’s sophisticated B2B marketing org has the systems, processes and nurture programs to manage a variety of qualification levels for their sales teams. That means sales expects more names, in more funnel stages, with more data points detailing each individuals’ engagement with your brand.

Activate’s Waterfall Program addresses the requirement for a range of qualifications – from those who’ve engaged with a single asset to highly qualified SRLs who’ve engaged with content on a sustained basis. It responds directly to feedback from B2B demand-gen clients.

Activate Waterfall delivers:

• Guaranteed volume at all funnel stages – top, middle and bottom – in a single program

• Prioritized, segmented names so marketers turn over SRLs – those who completed multiple touches — in the near term while they can enter those names who don’t meet SRL status into follow-on nurture programs to maintain a robust pipeline

• Precise engagement data – demographics, content used, buying timeframe insight when it’s available — for every name delivered to clients

• SRLs that will respond when contacted by sales

“Activate’s objective is to help our demand-gen clients drive results for their sales partners at all levels of the funnel,” said Martha Schwartz, Activate president and co-founder. “Activate Waterfall embodies our strategy to respond directly to the rapidly changing needs of B2B marketers.”


Activate Waterfall clients receive names at four stages of qualification. Those stages and their qualifications are:

Stage 1: Names that accepted a single offer via content syndication (common example: 200 names enter the program at this stage)

Stage 2: Names that reached Stage 1 and accepted a second offer to increase their qualification level (common example: 100 names from Stage 1 advance to Stage 2)

Stage 3: Names that reached Stage 2 and also answered BANT questions via telephone follow-up (common example: 40 names from stage 2 advance to stage 3)

Stage 4: Names that reached Stage 3 and also detailed their “compelling need” as required by the Activate client (common example: 10 names from stage 3 advance to stage 4)

Names that remain at stages 1 or 2 are excellent candidates for follow-on nurture programs. Those names that don’t advance past stage 3 can be considered for additional phone-based follow-up. Names in stage 4 are provided to the client as SRLs ready for phone-based follow-up.

“We believe the structure of the Waterfall program will be invaluable in helping clients deliver revenue for sales and build a healthy pipeline for future revenue,” said Schwartz. “We will continue to work closely with our clients to ensure this program best meets their objectives.”

To discuss your company’s needs and how Activate Waterfall can be customized for your requirements, contact me or your Activate sales representative.

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Martha Schwartz

Martha Schwartz, Co-founder and President. Martha has led some of the most successful sales teams in the technology media industry. For the last 5 years Martha managed sales for the IT Enterprise brands at UBM. Most recently Martha was Chief Sales Officer for UBM Tech managing the sales and analyst organizations for all media brands inclusive of all communities, all digital business, marketing services, analyst, custom events and research. Martha also managed event operations for UBM Tech’s custom event business.