Activate Introduces Active BANT: Get High Quality Leads With Surging Data

B2B marketing teams need to conduct a range of demand-gen programs to meet the evolving needs of their salesforce for high-quality leads and a full funnel.

One requirement that has arisen in the last several months is the need for high-quality leads with clear signals of their intent—product interest, timeframe—to make purchases. At the same time, B2B marketers are recognizing that having data about multiple buyers or influencers in the same company is a significant benefit to their salesforce in the selling process.

Responding to these requirements, Activate is pleased to introduce its Active BANT program, which delivers high-quality leads enhanced with buying intent and broader data about additional influencers inside a company.

Active BANT programs provide 5 deliverables to marketers:

• Leads that download two content assets
• Qualification of those leads via email- and telephone-based contact. Any lead that downloads one asset via email and doesn’t download the second is contacted via phone to increase their qualification level.
• Active intent data that maps to BANT (budget, authority, need and timing) qualifications. BANT information is verified during telephone contact.
• “Surging” data indicating if there are others in the same company who have demonstrated interest in the primary topic/category (security, cloud and so on) of your demand-gen program. That interest can be inferred from activity on your website or a third-party site within the past 45 days.
• Leads scored by intensity (timeframe, level of demonstrated topical interest by keyword). Activate can use a standard scoring method or customize a score to your team’s specific needs.

Active BANT expands our roster of programs to deliver high-quality leads plus insight into whether multiple leads in a given company have shown interest in a common topic. This increases the lead insight that marketers deliver to sales while focusing on companies in addition to individuals. This program fills an important void in the demand-gen market.

Active BANT programs can be executed with or without client account lists, depending on the client’s preference.

In the progression of programs ranging from top-of-funnel content syndication to bottom-of-funnel sales-ready leads (SRLs), Active BANT delivers leads that are closer to the bottom of the funnel. Activate Lead Advance and Activate Tech Score are other recently launched Activate programs geared toward delivering mid-funnel leads. A full range of lead qualifications are delivered in a single program via Activate Waterfall. See the visual representation of Activate’s programs and the lead qualification levels they deliver.

Active BANT

Active BANT is available now at a starting level of 200 leads; for more details, please contact me or your Activate sales rep.

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Martha Schwartz

Martha Schwartz, Co-founder and President. Martha has led some of the most successful sales teams in the technology media industry. For the last 5 years Martha managed sales for the IT Enterprise brands at UBM. Most recently Martha was Chief Sales Officer for UBM Tech managing the sales and analyst organizations for all media brands inclusive of all communities, all digital business, marketing services, analyst, custom events and research. Martha also managed event operations for UBM Tech’s custom event business.